What is Ooho Water? Can It Really Save The Environment?

Ooho is a naturally degradable edible water bottle blob developed by Skipping Rocks Lab to make a more ecologically friendly option to single-serving plastic bottles.

Skipping Rocks Lab is an ingenious sustainable product packaging start-up company based in London. They’re pioneering the use of organic materials drawn out from plants and seaweed, to develop packaging with low environmental effect.

Instead of producing a bottle then filling it with water, Rodrigo González, along with co-creators Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche, utilized a procedure that allows the bottle to take shape as it coalesces around the liquid.


What’s Ooho Made Of?

– It is 100% made from Plants & Seaweed

– Biodegradable in 4-6 weeks, much like a piece of fruit

– Edible, can be flavored and colored

– Fresh (lifespan of a few days).

– 5x less CO ₂, 9x less Energy vs. PET.

– Cheaper than plastic.

Their very first product, Ooho, will revolutionize the water-on-the-go market. The round versatile packaging can also be utilized for other liquids consisting of water, sodas, spirits and cosmetics, and our exclusive product is more affordable than plastic. The intake of non-renewable resources for single-use bottles and the quantity of waste produced is exceptionally unsustainable. The goal of Ooho is to supply the convenience of plastic bottles while limiting the environmental effect.


Difficulties That Ooho Will Face

Unlike water bottles, utilizing single-gulp water is not something most of us need or would even find a way to use on an everyday basis. As demonstrated in videos showcasing Ooho being intoxicated, the membrane is pretty delicate, and certainly not something you ‘d toss in a bag or knapsack on its own. And since the membrane is edible, if Skipping Rocks visualizes Ooho being offered at grocery stores it will suggest offering it within some other external packaging, entirely negating its “packaging complimentary” mission.

It’s this no-plastic-needed idea that has turned Ooho into a little bit of a viral feeling. Avoiding Rocks is presently fundraising online, having currently doubled its target with almost 1,000 independent investors contributing money to the business.

The intake of non-renewable resources for single-use bottles and the amount of waste generated is exceptionally unsustainable. The aim of Ooho is to offer the convenience of plastic bottles while limiting the environmental impact.

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